4 Ideas for Popular Gaming Blogs

4 Ideas for Popular Gaming Blogs

Many people have thought at one point or another about starting a blog. Not as many, however, consider popularity or profitability in advance. More often, the order is to come up with a blog topic first, and figure out a way to monetize it later.

This order makes sense in some cases. People should start blogs about what interests them after all, rather than simply chasing potential profits. If you are interested in trying to profit from your work though, it’s a good idea to consider topics in advance. And when you look up lists of the most popular and successful types of blogs, gaming and entertainment are almost always included.

With this in mind, we’ve given some thought to some interesting ideas for gaming blogs that could carve out space, generate popularity, and possibly turn profits.

1. Mobile Gaming Updates

The world of mobile gaming moves so quickly that even the most exciting new titles can go unnoticed at times. Look through Pocket Gamer’s best of 2021 list for instance and you’ll likely find some titles (like perhaps Fantasian or Say No! More) you’re unfamiliar with.

These games make headlines on sites like these, and there are reviews for them if you look around. But there’s something to be said for the idea of a blog specifically dedicated to tracking game releases, describing new hits, listing favourites, and so on. Blogs somewhat like this exist, but gaming is so popular there’s room for more.


2. Online Slot Updates

It might not quite be the same as mobile gaming, but the online slot gaming category is similarly frenzied when it comes to new games and updates. Furthermore, this is a category that gets less coverage despite being enormously popular. A blog dedicated to highlighting the best new slot games across platforms would appeal to a lot of readers.

It is also wroth noting that while most popular games in this category spread out across sites, there are also some games hosted at specific sites — and they’re often among the best versions of popular genres. Of late for instance slot games based on Ancient Egypt and fictionalized versions of Persia and Arabia have been quite popular, but the Riddle Of The Sphinx title exclusive to Gala Bingo’s slot games might just be the best of the bunch.

A gaming blog identifying gems like these as well as assessing broader releases and category trends would do quite well.

3. Platform Play Comparisons

Another intriguing idea would be to set up a blog dedicated to comparing games across different platforms. To some extent, this is something that happens all the time across the web. You’ll often see a review specifically for the PC or console version of a game, for instance, and sources like PC Mag and other similar publications will write up periodic, general comparisons of top gaming devices.

What isn’t as common however — and may not actually exist exactly in the form we’re describing — are blogs that lay out detailed comparisons of what it’s like to play individual games on different systems and platforms. Such a blog would naturally require quite a bit of investment in games, systems, and time. But done correctly it would provide legitimate value to gamers trying to decide what games to play and where to play them.


4. Your Own Gaming Journey

The last idea is the simplest: Blog about your own gaming journey. This is not an idea with specific practical value, nor is it one that fills a gap or caters to a specific niche. But if you happen to write in an interesting and engaging way, even something as simple as your own thoughts on your gaming experiences can make for an excellent blog. Quality, in the end, is most important no matter what your concept is.

Gamers’ appetite for online material is virtually limitless, which is why this is a space ripe for fresh blogs. Whether or not the ideas above appeal to you specifically, we hope they get you thinking about how the right angle in the right category can result in a popular and profitable blog. 

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