Jquery-Java Script

jQuery is a lightweight, write less, do more, JavaScript library. jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. jQuery is a javascript library that allows web developers to add extra functionality

Arrange list items using drag and drop jquery

Hello, Today I am going to show you one amazing jQuery example for Arrange list items using drag and drop jQuery. Dragonfly JS is a tiny vanilla JavaScript library

How to send additional parameter with form data with ajax

Send form data with ajax, Yes now I am going to introduce one more thing for Ajax. The point is "How to submit additional parameter to the Ajax page with form-data".

Split a string with multiple separators in javascript

How do I split a string with multiple separators in JavaScript? Are you trying to javascript split string into both commas and spaces and other things? But not getting success!. Don't worry, I'll give you the best solution for you.

Create dynamic bootstrap modal with JQuery and php

This is the easiest way to create dynamic bootstrap modal with jquery on your web page. The Modal plugin is a dialogue box or a popup window that is displayed on top of your current page.

What are the technologies used by ajax?

Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. And I'll tell you what are the technologies used by ajax. The word "asynchronous" means that the user need not wait until the server replies.

jQuery ajax GET example with PHP

jQuery Ajax is the powefull tool of jQuery, You can create attractive webpage with the help of JQuery ajax. jQuery's Ajax methods return a superset of the XMLHTTPResuest object.