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Best Lyrics Post Generator - SEO Optimized Tool for Free

Best tool for Bloggers on the who is using Lyrics Post Generator. (SEO) and Multi color optimized. Simply create your lyrics and put HTML code in your blog.

How to get field name in mysqli using php with example

Suppose, you want to show all record of the database table and you don't know about the table detail like how much column and how much rows...

How to Create Social Sharing Links for Facebook, whatsapp and more

Here is the very simple social share link generator tool. You can put this as social media share links html in your project root file.

Convert multidimensional array to XML file in PHP

Convert multidimensional array to XML file in PHP, XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. XML is a markup language that encodes documents in a machine-readable and human-readable format.

How To Create a Snackbar / Toast Bootstrap

Hi, Sometimes we need to show a piece of information to the user as a popup, but I can't use the Bootstrap modal for that. So that time we need to create a bootstrap Snackbar, or we can say that a Toast.

How To Call Native Java Methods From Webview Javascript

When any developer developing an Android app based on Webview, that time developer faces a number of problems. So, this post is based on one of that issue, which is - How to call native Java methods from Webview Javascript.