Theme For Wordpress

This awesome wordpress theme helps you to rank on the search engine. Download and enjoy fast loading theme over the wordpress.

This theme contains lot of sections to create attractive design for your website. You will find these features in you theme.

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App Features

We are trying to set up all the required features in this Worpdress Theme. This theme is very small and very fast in loading. Let's see some basic features.

Responsive and Crystal Clear Design

Your content will scale seamlessly on all types of devices including desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. You can control easily all section of the theme. The theme contains the following sections.

  • Home Page with Featured Post
  • Header Styling
  • Footer Styling
  • Sidebar Styling
  • Single Post
  • Page Management
  • Author Page
  • Dedicated Category Page
  • Full-Text Search Page

By using these sections you can re-arrange your all pages according to your design patterns.

Start Passive Income

With the worpress blogging you can generate your passive income from the cloud. Don't waste your valuable time. Do some exercise over the blog and see the magic. You can manage your income method easily in this Legend Blogs Wordpress Theme.

  • Earn with Google Adsense
  • Track with Google Analytics
  • Generate passive income with affiliate marketing

Send Push Notification

You can setup any push notification plugin to send notification of any update in your website.

  • Push notification helps you to engage users
  • E-mail subscription for digital marketing
  • User interaction through the contact page

These features help you to build your audience engagement continuously. By the push notification, you can increase your website traffic.


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