Online Age Calculator

Age Calculator

An online age calculator is used to calculate the exact age of persons from current date or x date. This birthday calculator is used to get ideas that how many days are left to celebrate someone’s birthday. It can also calculate the age of leaders as how many years they have lived.

How to use an age calculator?

Follow the below steps to use this age calculator.

  • First of all, write the exact date of birth.
  • Then write the current date or that date from which you want to calculate the age.
  • Use the format dd-mm-yyyy or
  • Press the “calculate now” button to get the result.
  • The age in years, months, and days will show in a couple of seconds.
  • To enter the new date, fill the input boxes again.

Who can use this age finder?

Everyone who wants to calculate their age or someone’s age can calculate this age calculator. You can also use this tool to check what will be your age after your next birthday. The age calculator calculates the age based on your DOB.

The dob is commonly used in place of the exact date of birth. You can also solve the questions by using this tool. The questions can be what is my mother's age, how old my younger brother is on this date, how many days are left for my father's upcoming birthday.

By using this tool, you can also check how many days are left to expire my CNIC, driving license, or any product.


How old am I last year?

Simply write your date of birth and the last year's date into the input box of this tool. Hit the calculate now key and the age will come in a couple of seconds.

How many days are left on my mother's birthday?

First of all, write the exact date of birth of your mother, then write the current date. Hit the calculate now button of this tool, you will get the exact age of your mother and you can find how many days are left.