How to Start a Blog in 2021

Save your valuable time with the Legend Blogs Blogging project. This project contains an awesome theme with the admin dashboard.

Download and enjoy the one-click configuration of Google Analytics, Adsense and many more features.

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App Features

We are trying to set up all the required features in this project. I am sure you feel proud to use this because this Laravel project contains a lot more things. Let's see some basic features.

Easy Post Customisation

Gutenberg editor helps you to manage your page designing very faster. Legend Blogs editor added for SEO setting tab also.

Dynamic Pages

You can create and update your pages with the admin panel easily. Also, enable and disable according to requirement.


Carousel slider helps you to promote your content on the home page as well as other pages where you want.


Laravel framework manages entire pages and forms submissions with pre-designed routs and CSRF tokens.


You can communicate with your visitors through unlimited Push Notification as well as an E-mail list.


Through contact form and comment section project allows making a good relationship with your visitors.

Responsive and Crystal Clear Design

Your content will scale seamlessly on all types of devices including desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. You can control easily all section of the theme. The theme contains the following sections.

  • Header Styling
  • Footer Styling
  • Sidebar Styling
  • Single Post
  • Page Management
  • Author Page
  • Category Page
  • Contact Page Included
  • Full-Text Search Page

By using these sections you can re-arrange your all pages according to your design patterns.

Start Passive Income

This app helps you to generate your passive income from the cloud. Don't waste your valuable time. Do some exercise over the blog and see the magic. You can manage your income method easily in this Legend Blogs app.

  • Pre-installed Google Adsense code on each page
  • Pre-installed Google Analytics code on the App
  • Manage your advertiser with Legend Blogs Dashboard

Simply you need to place your publisher code in the advance section of the Legend Blogs Dashboard, and just ON the advertising.

Unlimited Push Notification

There is no bar for the notification subscription for the users. No extra pricing is required to increase user subscriptions.

Simply place your Firebase app key and secret to enable the push notification on the blog.

  • Firebase push notification on single click
  • E-mail subscription for digital marketing
  • User interaction through the contact page

These features help you to build your audience engagement continuously. By the push notification, you can increase your website traffic.

Easy Admin Dashboard

A responsive and attractive admin dashboard motivates you to do hard work on the blog. The app helps to manage your post, pages with cool Gutenberg editor. Let's check the key features of admin dashboard.

  • Multiple accounts support for the admin and authors
  • Autosave content while writing/editing to avoid any loss
  • Legend Blogs editor help you to SEO friendly post
  • Post, Category, Tags, Pages and Banner management
  • User comments management
  • User contact list with a reply option

More than one admin/author can manage the blog over the same time. Each user has permissions based on her/his privileges.


We are providing a Laravel project for blogging at a very reasonable price. Pricing divided into three parts because everyone can take advantage of the Laravel safe and secure project for blogging.




  • Project With Admin Panel
  • Laraberg/Gutenberg Editor
  • Comments & Contact Builtin
  • One-Click Banner Setup
  • Unlimited Push Notification
  • Google Adsense & Analytics
  • Support For Setup
  • Update Available Next 2-V
  • E-Mail Chat Support

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  • Project With Admin Panel
  • Laraberg/Gutenberg Editor
  • Comments & Contact Builtin
  • One-Click Banner Setup
  • Unlimited Push Notification
  • Google Adsense & Analytics
  • Support For Setup
  • Update Available Next 4-V*
  • E-Mail Chat Support

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