Android software development is the process by which new applications are created for devices running the Android operating system. Applications are usually developed in Java.

How to open link externally from android webview

You can open link of the webview externally from android webview without leaving app. For this action you need to add WebViewClient class in your WebView. No need to create any custom webview for that. Let's see the example

Getting the screen density programmatically in android

Getting the screen density programmatically in android

How To Call Native Java Methods From Webview Javascript

When any developer developing an Android app based on Webview, that time developer faces a number of problems. So, this post is based on one of that issue, which is - How to call native Java methods from Webview Javascript.

Determine if device have an Internet Connection

Some of the most programmers set alarm base background services are to schedule regular updates of application for offline data synchronization. In that case I think programmers should use the BroadcastReceiver for better results. There's no need to sched

Check a Device's Network Connection

Connectivity Manager to verify internet connection

What is use of supportsRtl true in android

Android has full native support of RTL layout or text orientation since SDK 17 (Jelly Bean). Mostly mobile apps are designed in LTR (Left to Right) but few languages/designed are written from RTL (Right to Left).