Android software development is the process by which new applications are created for devices running the Android operating system. Applications are usually developed in Java.

Case-insensitive replaceAll in Java

How to replace case insensitive substrings in Java. Normally we replace string by any character or any special character or whatever we want, but sometimes we want to replace a word in the whole string by case insensitive

How to create dynamic string

Method for add some dynamic value to any string either value can string or integer. First of all create a resource in your string.xml.

How to calculate the difference between two dates

In the given example we will learn how to calculate the difference between two dates in java in terms of Second/ Minutes / Hours / Days.

Disable screen capture in android

Generally, when you take a screenshot, you will see a Screen Capture notification in the notification bar and you can see that screenshot in the Gallery app if you click that notification.

How to display animated image in android

How to use animated image or gif image in android

Passing data to Activity and Fragment in Android

Sometimes we need to send some valuable data to another activity or fragment, So, when passing data to an activity or a fragment in Android, the Bundle is used to contain the data and ship it to the activity or fragment to be launched.