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A programming language is a special computer language (set of rules) use to develop software programs. The description of a programming language is usually split into the two components of syntax and semactics (meaning). Programming languages usually contain abstractions for defining and manipulating data structures or controlling the flow of execution.

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Tips and Tricks

Jquery-Java Script

Jquery-Java Script

Determine if device have an Internet Connection

How to perform offline data synchronization in android

Some of the most programmers set alarm base background services are to schedule regular updates of application for offline data synchronization. In that case I think programmers should use the Broadca...

How to show placeholder image

Show loading image until the original image loading

Whenever you load large image on the page and it's taken too much time, that time you can show loading image or you can say Placeholder image within the same image tag.   You can do this simply...

How to add Firebase in android app

Push Notification Using Firebase In Android

Firebase is real-time, advance and powerful tool for android app development. Firebase is a google product which allows to store data on the cloud, crashlytics, analytics, user authentication, cloud m...

Find the location of an Item in multidimensional array

Finding position of an element in a multi-dimensional array

Sometimes we have a large multi-dimensional array and we need only one tree of an array where a specific key word or specific element are exits. So in this situation we require searching in an array o...

How to display animated image in android

Play GIF (animated) image in android

Normally android image view shows only a simple image like JPG, PNG, JPEG format, but sometime we need to show animated image on my activity. Animated image help user to easily understand. So, when we...

How to create 3D Animated Text with css

Create animated 3d text with CSS

Hi, I am going to introduce an amazing animation concept for your web page. I think you have to know a keyword SVG, yes SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. SVG is used to define vector-based grap...

How to send additional parameter with form data with ajax

Send form data to ajax page with additional parameter

Now i am going to introduce one more thing for Ajax. The point is "How to submit additional parameter to the Ajax page with form data". Yes, you can do that in jquery Ajax with app...

Upload Image without page Re-load

Upload Image without page Reload using ajax

Using jQuery AJAX Image Upload   Hello, In this example i am going to share with you image uploading process using jQuery ajax, Yes by using this example you can upload your image/avatar u...

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