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A programming language is a special computer language (set of rules) use to develop software programs. The description of a programming language is usually split into the two components of syntax and semactics (meaning). Programming languages usually contain abstractions for defining and manipulating data structures or controlling the flow of execution.

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Tips and Tricks

Jquery-Java Script

Jquery-Java Script

Switch statement in php

Switch case in php with multiple case example

Switch statement is used to execute one statement from multiple conditions in PHP. It works like PHP if-else-if statement. But it's better that if-else-if statement. Syntax for Switch statement in ph...

How to create arrows in CSS

Simple way to create arrow in your HTML page

Simple way to create arrow in your HTML page, just add few line of CSS and create it. There two step to add arrow in your page. 1. Your HTML code: <p>Left arrow: <i class="arrow left">&l...

Android difference between Two Dates

How do I calculate difference in days between two dates?

In the given example we will learn how to calculate difference between two dates in java in terms of Second/ Minutes / Hours / Days. public int getDateDiffFromNow(String date){ int days = 0; tr...

How To Add a YouTube Video to Your Web Site

Playing a YouTube Video in HTML

Playing a YouTube Video in HTML To play a youtube video on a web page, do the following steps: Upload the video to your YouTube channel Take a note of the video id embedded tab Define an <ifr...

How to secure input in php

php sanitize form input

Sanitizing data means Remove any illegal character from the data.  In php you need to impliment this one for secure input for MySQL. This one also help to know you about your question - How...

Getting checkbox values on submit in PHP

Getting values on submit in PHP from multiple checkbox

If you have multiple options, then you want to get the checked values to store them in variable on form submit, Then you can use this technique. A good method which is a favorite of mine and for many ...

Getting the screen density programmatically in android

Getting the screen density programmatically in android?

You can get info on the display from the DisplayMetrics struct: DisplayMetrics metrics = getResources().getDisplayMetrics(); This will give you: 0.75 - ldpi 1.0 - mdpi 1.5 - hdpi 2.0 - xhdpi 3....

Convert text to image in php

How to Convert Text to Image using

Some of the cases we need to create an image dynamically when the web page is loading, Then a question raised in the mind - Can I convert text to image in PHP? the answer is Yes! why not. For doi...

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