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A programming language is a special computer language (set of rules) use to develop software programs. The description of a programming language is usually split into the two components of syntax and semactics (meaning). Programming languages usually contain abstractions for defining and manipulating data structures or controlling the flow of execution.

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Tips and Tricks

Jquery-Java Script

Jquery-Java Script

Explode string by last occurrence and get first part

Explode and Implode string in php

Some of the cases we need to split any string or it may be my URL to split. Now I am explaining to you, how to explode the string by the last occurrence at getting the first part of the string in a si...

Expandable list view in android example

Dynamically create groups and child in expandablelistview

This is a wonderful example to show you, how to create an expandable list view in android. I have learnt already in the previous article, how to create list view in android by Recyclerview. So now you...

Passing data to Activity and Fragment in Android

Send value to another activity

Sometimes we need to send some valuable data to another activity or fragment, So, when passing data to an activity or a fragment in Android, the Bundle is used to contain the data and ship it to the a...

How do I programmatically 'restart' an Android app

Android restart app programmatically

Sometimes we need to restart our Android app between the code execution, In that case, we have to use some set of code to perform this action. Now we will learn How do I programmatically restart an An...

Exception handling in php

Different error handling methods

Exception handling is used to change the normal flow of the code execution if a specified error (exceptional) condition occurs. This condition is called an exception. PHP has an exception model simila...

How to call a method after a delay with handler

How to use handler in andorid

Hi, sometimes we need to execute my method or we can say my function after a time delay. In that situation what can I do? So the answer is - Use Handler() for that. A Handler is a utili...

How do you Encrypt and Decrypt a PHP String

MCrypt encription in php

What is Mcrypt in PHP? Mcrypt is a replacement for the popular Unix crypt command. the crypt was a file encryption tool that used an algorithm very close to the World War II Enigma cipher. Mcrypt pro...

Solution for Glide failed to load image in android pie 9.0

Image loading issues in glide android pieid Pie 9.0

Hello, I have seen that in the Android latest version 28.0 or I can say in Android Pie 9.0 when we are using Glide for image loading then nothing is loaded. Actually this thing accrued by Network secu...