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A programming language is a special computer language (set of rules) use to develop software programs. The description of a programming language is usually split into the two components of syntax and semactics (meaning). Programming languages usually contain abstractions for defining and manipulating data structures or controlling the flow of execution.

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Jquery-Java Script

Jquery-Java Script

How To Reverse An ArrayList In Java

Reverse an ArrayList in Java by creating a copy

In this post, we will see how to reverse an ArrayList in Java by creating a copy of it. In reverse order without altering the ordering of elements in the original list. ArrayList is nothing but a dy...

Remove a specific item from an array in PHP

Remove any word from your array

Some ask for a more-specific post about removing items from your code, here’s an easy way to remove a specific element from a PHP array by key instead of index. function my_remove_array_item( $...

Top 10 free WordPress plugins for bloggers

Free WordPress plugins for you

According to me, you have just created a new WordPress blog and wondering what are the best WordPress plugins you should need to install? If the answer is YES, then clicked on the correct UR...

CSS underline animation left to right

Draw animated underline in your html text

Hmmm, Let's do it by some steps. These are CSS steps to run your underline from left to right. This is so simple, you just need to add your @keyframes in the stylesheet. @keyframes border-dance { ...

How to replace whole word with Word Boundaries in Java?

how to replace a word in a sentence in java

How to replace a word in a sentence in java If you want to replace the whole word with the word boundaries in a string. For this, we use "\b" regular expression token which is called a word boundary....

Arrange list items using drag and drop jquery

Reorder list items using drag and drop jquery

Hello, Today I am going to show you one amazing jquery example for Arrange list items using drag and drop jquery. DragonflyJS is a tiny vanilla JavaScript library that enables sorting (dragging and dr...

Case-insensitive replaceAll in Java

How to replace case-insensitive literal substrings in Java

How to replace case insensitive substrings in Java. Normally we replace string by any character or any special character or whatever we want, but sometimes we want to replace a word in the whole strin...

Refresh a fragment list from activity

Call method of fragment from activity

If you want to call any method of Fragment from your activity then you need to implement INTERFACE. So now I am going to introduce Interface example to Refresh a fragment list from an activity of all ...