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A programming language is a special computer language (set of rules) use to develop software programs. The description of a programming language is usually split into the two components of syntax and semactics (meaning). Programming languages usually contain abstractions for defining and manipulating data structures or controlling the flow of execution.

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Tips and Tricks

Jquery-Java Script

Jquery-Java Script

How to use TabLayout in ViewPager with RecyclerView

RecyclerView with Fragments

ViewPagers are used to swipe through pages of data. It’s generally used in conjunction with fragments. In this tutorial, we’ll be implementing a ViewPager under the TabLayout. ViewPagers ...

Strike textview in android example

Strike-through a TextView

Basically, the strike-through text is used for the show cut price of a product. Then we need to draw the strike text view in android. There are many scenarios in which we need to show a Strike-through...

Android Session Management using Shared Preferences

User session management using Shared Preferences

Android allows storing data in a number of formats. But, we do android user session management using Shared Preferences, just because of shared preferences works on the Key-Pair basis and respond fa...

Autofit grid layout Recyclerview

Android RecyclerView with Autofit GridView

Recycler view is the powerfull android tool to create a list as well as a grid in android. Nowadays, the Autofit grid layout RecyclerView is trending just because different types of screens are in t...

Android Collapsing Toolbar With Image

Scrolling activity with image android

This pattern of Collapsing Toolbar Layout is a popular scrolling technique. In familiar terms, you can see this on several apps with a profile detail screen. Android CollapsingToolbarLayout is a wrapp...

Login with Facebook using PHP

Login or Resister user using Facebook

Hmm, If your website has a customer base section or any kind of customer interaction activity, then you must need to add a login with Facebook. In this tutorial, I'll show you a complete step by ste...

Navigation drawer layout with an event listener

Drawer layout with menu item click

Hey App creator, today I am going to discuss Drawer Layout. Means, you will get knowledge about how to add drawer layout with an event listener. Navigation drawer can be implemented by using the Dra...

In apps update android example without play store

Update app from internal storage

If you want to update your app from internal storage then In apps update android example for you. You can update your app automatically without updating from play store. Android Support in-app u...