Explode string by last occurrence and get first part

Some of the cases we need to split any string or it may be my URL to split. Now I am explaining to you, how to explode the string by the last occurrence at getting the first part of the string in a single line. This who;e process will be done using Explode and Implode string in PHP.

In my case, I am trying to split my URL and get the URL before the last occurrence. My URL is:

$path = 'http://localhost/blog/public/home/page/15';


Now, my requirement is:



So, now first we need to Explode the URL by "/".

explode('/', $path, -1);

I have used (-1) as a third parameter of explode(). because I want to ignore the last occurrence of the URL.


After exploding this URL by "/", my result should be like this:

Array ( [0] => http: [1] => [2] => localhost [3] => blog [4] => public [5] => home [6] => page )


Now I am going to implode this array URL by "/":

$URL = implode(explode('/', $path, -1), '/');


Finally, my result is:


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