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Amit Pandey

Professional Android App and Full Stack Web Developer, Blogger, Entrepreneur And Founder of Legend Blogs. I am always trying to learn new things or new possible ways to do things.

How To Call Native Java Methods From Webview Javascript

When any developer developing an Android app based on Webview, that time developer faces a number of problems. So, this post is based on one of that issue, which is - How to call native Java methods from Webview Javascript.

What is jQuery noConflict?

jQuery uses the dollar sign ($) as a shortcut or alias for jQuery. Thus, if you use another JavaScript library that also uses the $ sign as a shortcut, along with the jQuery library on the same page, conflicts could occur. Fortunately, jQuery provides a s

How to use a google font on your website

For a better web designing every web designer as well as every programmer either beginners or experienced programmer want to create a unique webpage for the website. So that when we talk about the Fonts then designer and programmers think how to use an ex