Amit Pandey

Amit Pandey

Professional Android App and Full Stack Web Developer, Blogger, Entrepreneur And Founder of Legend Blogs. I am always trying to learn new things or new possible ways to do things.

Set background image randomly from gallery in android

Hmm, I think you want to show the background image in your open activity view. But you want to show this one from your gallery and it should be selected randomly from your gallery. If Iam right then you are in right place.

How to open link externally from android webview

You can open link of the webview externally from android webview without leaving app. For this action you need to add WebViewClient class in your WebView. No need to create any custom webview for that. Let's see the example

How do I hide an element when printing a web page

Sometime we need to show all content on the web page but hide some content for the print. So, you can use this trick for that.